Functional Occlusal Management, From A to Z

September 24th to 26th

General objective

During the course we will cover all the functional management of the patients. 
The impact of the mouth in the airway issues. 
We will review the anatomical and physiological concepts to understand the function, the functional analysis screening, metrics and examination.
The facebow, the articulador and the bite registration, theorical and hands on.
Occlusal concepts and adjustments on teeth and on implants.
Restorative cases on patients with worn teeth and teeth replacements needs.


The masticatory system: TMJ and muscles, posterior occlusal contacts, anterior envelope of function.
Function, what the patient does with the mouth: chewing, breathing, swallowing, smiling and speaking.
Mouth’s impact on the airway function and development.
Tooth wear sign vs illness: activity, severity and origin.
Functional analysis and patient´s functional classification: function, dysfunction and parafunction.
Use of the conventional and virtual articulator:
                        Face bow, transfer of the 3D maxilla position.
                        Systems to transfer the occlusal relationship: Kois occlusal deprogrammer.
Occlusal analysis and adjustment on teeth and implants.
Restorative management of patients with worn dentition and teeth replacement needs, a multidisciplinary approach.

Hands On

TMJ and muscles examination.
Kois deprogrammer adjustment.
Use of the articulator: how to transfer the maxilla position to the conventional and digital articulator.
How to achieve a precise centric relationship: conventional and digital bite registration technics occlusal analysis.
Occlusal splint adjustment from front to back.


September 24th to 26th
From 9:00 A.M.- 6:00 P.M.
Price: 2600€
Venue: Galván Lobo Center – 28 Gamazo Street – Valladolid – SP
3 day theory and hands-on course (Thu-Sat)
Hotel stay at Meliá Recoletos Hotel
Meals included (Wed Dinner – Sat Lunch)

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